Within my current body of work, I am exploring the relationship between myself and the natural environments that I exist within. My art consists of textile and mixed media pieces, utilizing materials such as fabrics, paints, and found materials. In several of my more recent works, I have been using found objects such as trash and plant materials in my work as a way of documenting and preserving the physical objects that are coexisting within the outdoor spaces around me, while also presenting the things that shouldn't be there with just as much care as is afforded to the natural materials that do belong.

 In addition to exploring the world around me through my usage of materials, I am also oftentimes processing these ideas and concepts through the usage of textiles. The very nature of most textile practices is that they are laborious, time consuming tasks that traditionally are afforded great care. I am taking this care and these traditional processes, and subverting them by using them in nontraditional ways in order to present aspects of human life that are less beautiful, the things we cast away and leave behind.

 Oftentimes, my work is taking a very broad topic of environmental distress, and focusing on viewing it through a personal lens. It serves to document some of the impact of human activity, as I take great care to display even small bits and pieces of evidence of the uglier aspects of the effects we have on the environment.