As an artist, I make work using ideas surrounding physicality, tactility, and my relationship with the natural world around me. I have always felt a strong personal connection to nature. I grew up in an environment where I was always surrounded by and had access to it, and this connection has unsurprisingly found its place within my artistic practice. Much of the work that I create can be related back to the environment, the dangers it faces, and my experiences within it all. Sometimes this is done simply by me finding direction from the natural world in forms or colors found in nature. Other times, this is done by me directly referencing nature and the relationship that we as humans have with it.

Working with highly tactile materials has helped me to find a renewed sense of ownership within my work. The hands-on nature of actually making the work is very rewarding, and it helps me to feel more in tune with what I am making. My goal is to create work that is immersive and engaging as I continue to explore my connection with the content of my work, the physical materials themselves, and with the experiences that I am able to represent with them.



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