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Within my current body of work, I am exploring the relationship between myself and the natural environments that I exist within. My art consists of ceramic, textile and mixed media pieces, with a documentation of natural environments and the things found within them being a central element in many of my works.

 One aspect of my practice revolves around the utilization of found objects such as trash and plant materials. These materials are used in a variety of ways in order to document and preserve the physical objects that are coexisting within the outdoor spaces around me, while also presenting the things that shouldn't be there with just as much care as is afforded to the natural materials that do belong.

 In addition to exploring the world around me through my usage of found materials, I am also oftentimes processing these ideas and concepts through the usage of both textiles and ceramics. The very nature of these practices is that they are laborious, time consuming tasks that traditionally are afforded great care. By creating work in this way, I am able to fully explore my personal connection to the natural forms I am depicting. In addition to this, I also aim to take this care and these traditional processes, and subvert them by using them in nontraditional ways in order to present aspects of human life that are less beautiful, the things we cast away and leave behind. 

Artist Statement: Bio
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